UNSW 3×3 Tournament: Trimster 2

UNSW 3×3 is July 13th at the Village Green – Mixed, Womens, Mens Competitive & Mens Social categories 🏀⛹🏆

Where are the games played and how will it work?

  • All games will be played on July 13th 2024, 2.00pm to 6.00pm at the UNSW Village Green
  • We are offering four categories – Men’s Competitive, Men’s Social, Mixed and Womens. Please note that all categories are subject to team nominations and require a minimum of four teams to go ahead..
  • Teams can have three or four players
  • Mixed teams must have one player of each gender on the court at all times & men cannot jump to block women in mixed
  • Teams will play a minimum of four games and a maximum of six games
  • All games played under FIBA 3×3 rules.
  • What time is each category?

    All categories will play from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, however, please note these are estimates only and subject to change if team nominations require us to make adjustments either by slightly decreasing the time window if team nominations are low or increasing the time window slightly if team nominations


    Teams must have matching uniforms but numbers are not required – please note that matching means the same, not loosely similar. If you do not have your own uniforms then you can arrange to borrow some from the club.

    What does it cost?

    Team entry is $80.00 per team for UNSW student teams (mimimum two current UNSW students) and $95.00 for non-UNSW student teams.

    How do we sign up?

    You can sign-up your team here