League Rules

  • A zero tolerance policy is in effect during all U League; competitions and events. Any people exhibiting violent, threatening or abusive behavior will be required to leave the venue and may face disciplinary guidelines
  • No players can enter the venue until our booking commences (6.30pm) and must leave as soon as it’s concluded (10.30pm).
  • Abuse of equipment will result in disciplinary action
  • Any infractions regarding people exhibiting violent, threatening or abusive behavior will be assessed by the Disciplinary Committee in conjunction with the match officials and may result in suspensions or bans
  • Players that consistently exhibit conduct towards officials and other players that, while not worthy of a suspension as an individual act, is constant in nature and deemed negative to the playing environment of the competition will be issued a warning. If the individual does not improve their conduct following the warning they can be suspended by the committee for between two and six games
  • Any abuse to officials, verbal or physical will not be tolerated and will face disciplinary actions
  • Any player that receives three technical fouls during the course of the season will be suspended for one game, subsequent technical fouls above the third technical will result in a suspension of one game for each technical foul. These suspensions carry over into finals games.
  • Any player that receives three unsportsmanlikes fouls during the course of the season will be suspended for one game, subsequent unsportsmanlike fouls above the third unsportsmanlike foul will result in a suspension of one game for each technical foul. These suspensions carry over into finals games.
  • Any player that receives two technical fouls, two unsportsmanlike fouls or a disqualifying foul during the course of a game will be suspended for the following game. These suspensions carry over into finals games.
  • If a player wishes to appeal a decision by Disciplinary Committee, they must contact The U League within seven days to arrange a hearing.
  • Copies of The U League Offences & Penalties Guidelines are available upon request.

Registration and Participation

  • The team contact must register all of their team’s players with The U League by the cut-off date for the season. Teams may add to their roster through the season but are required to inform The U League of any changes to their roster.
  • All players must be registered, under their own name, on the scoresheet prior entering the game. Players not listed with a team,ie. Fill-ins, cannot join a game after half-time, if a new players joins after the half that game will be considered a forfeit.
  • No team can comprise of more than four players from a higher grade.
  • Teams may use fill-in players in cases when their own team members are not available but all fill-in players play at their own risk.
  • Teams must have three players from their listed team to begin any game and at least four total players.
  • If a team requires fill-ins for their game, they cannot be from either within the games grade or above the games grade i.e. no Division I players may fill-in for Division III
  • A team can use a maximum of three fill-ins in any one game and a maximum of five fill-in players during the season, i.e. one player five times or five players one time.
  • Referees and officials will start the clock at the game’s appointed start time, if teams are not ready to play they will penalized two points per minute for ten minutes at which point the game will be declared a forfeit
  • Players must play three of their teams games to be eligible for the finals.
  • Teams that do not register a player at the time they join their team and then want The U League to retroactively review the score-sheets so the player in question may compete in finals will be charged a $10.00 fee per player for The U League to complete the review.
  • In the event of an injury a player is eligible to compete if they were a)Registered with the related team prior to the injury and b)Can provide a valid medical certificate covering their injury and inability to compete. Suspension and other miscellaneous issues are not considered mitigating factors.
  • In the event of a forfeit, all listed players on the team not forfeiting are recorded as having played. In the event of a no-play draw all listed players on both teams are recorded as having played.
  • In the event a team wishes to withdraw from a season, they must pay a withdrawal fee of three games worth of fees, plus pay for any games they have played.

Competition points, forfeits & Fines

  • Forfeits are recorded as a 20-0 scoreline for ladder purposes
  • Forfeits must be notified by 5.00pm on the Friday prior to the scheduled game to avoid penalties
  • Competition points structure is as follows: Win + 3pts, Draw + 2pts, Loss + 1pts, Notified Forfeits 0pts, Unnotified Forfeits – 3 points.
  • In the event of a notified forfeit before the above cut-off there will be no fine assessed. Notified forfeits after the cut-off time but before the game day will incur a $100.00 fine on top of existing fees. Forfeits on game day or completely unnotified forfeits will incur a $150.00 fine.
  • The U League does not directly refund teams when their opposition forfeits. However, teams that have the opposition forfeit against them will receive a games worth of credit towards the next seasons fees if they continue with the competition. If a replacement game or scrimmage is played no refund will be issued.
  • Teams may be docked points for conduct infractions at the discretion of the competition committee.

Promotion and relegation

  • Teams that win their respective grade are expected to move up a grade, if they choose not to accept promotion SU Basketball League reserves the right not to accept their nomination in upcoming seasons.
  • Teams that finish last in their respective grade are expected to move down a grade, if they choose not to accept relegation SU Basketball League reserves the right not to accept their nomination in upcoming seasons
  • The U League has the final say on all matters relating to team grading and can choose not to relegate, promote or accept nominations as they see fit


  • Team fees are paid in one bulk payment, The U League administration shall inform team managers of the date on which fees are due for a given season. The responsibility for payment rests with the team manager
  • In the event of late payment The U League will charge the credit card listed on the team’s nomination form. A 10% late penalty will be added to all payments after the due date.
  • Once a team submits a nomination form or confirms their return for a given season they are considered liable for the full seasons fees.


  • In the event of a injury either the injured player or their teammates must notify The U League Court Supervisor immediately and the Court Supervisor will help them seek medical attention
  • In the event of an injury players must complete a Injury Report Form with U League Staff. The Incident Report Form must be completed before the injured player leaves the venue and responsibility for the completion of the form rests with the injured party.
  • Any player seeking to claim against The U League’s insurance must complete Injury Report Form and retain all medical documents and receipts they receive during their treatment
  • The Court Supervisor and U League staff may assist the injured player, however, neither party are medical professionals and all advice should be considered in this light. Treatment options are the responsibility of the injured party.


  • All players must have matching, numbered jerseys
  • All players must wear basketball shorts without pockets
  • No jewelry or objects that could cause abrasions may be worn during matches
  • Teams with uniforms that do not meet the above criteria shall receive a warning. If the issue is not addressed by the following game, the team shall receive a two points per player out of uniform penalty in each game their uniforms do not meet standards.

General rules

  • Games are made up of two twenty minute running clock halves. Teams are allowed one timeout in each half. The clock stops for time-outs in all divisions.
  • The clock stops in the last minute of the game is in single digits.
  • The referees will maintain a loose shot clock (24) in the last 2 minutes of a game. In the event the referee feels like a play has been too long, they will count from 8 seconds. This is to combat teams holding the ball for prolonged periods of time (1 minute plus) in late game situations.
  • All other guidelines are covered by the most recent FIBA officiating rules, however, changes to the rules will not be made mid-season.